The Resiliency Imperative 

Strengthening critical systems is the key to unlocking
long-term potential

As climate change, regulatory changes, and geopolitical shifts make building and maintaining critical infrastructure systems increasingly challenging, we provide expert guidance and practical solutions to help our clients understand, prioritize, and align their communications with fast-changing stakeholder expectations.

Hardwork and Soft Skills

The hard work of making our infrastructure more resilient and sustainable is never done. And yet in a dynamic, innovative culture people can grow impatient with the pace of change. By communicating what is happening and why, we build support for sustainable, resilient infrastructure with stakeholders.

Our clients include:

  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure Technology Providers
  • Engineering and Construction Firms
  • Energy Providers
  • Infrastructure Products
  • Government Agencies

Our History

Essense was one of the first strategic marketing consultants to focus on the energy, power, and infrastructure field practitioners over a decade ago, and we’ve refined our proven approach to incorporate technology and be useful for companies of any stage.

Purpose-built digital media and marketing solutions

And it’s working…

  • A streamlined customer experience with ease of accessibility, increased clarity of services, and expedited content search and location ability.
  • Increased presence and customer engagement at trade shows and public events
  • Expedited customer sales pipeline development

Digital and Traditional Media campaigns that work together

And it’s working…

  • Increased Offshore wind page viewership by 937%
  • By redesigning the newsletter sign-up page and reallocating campaign budgets to the most effective channels, we increased email sign ups by 98%
  • 1676% increase in new visitors to the Workforce Development website
  • Boosted “contact us” submissions on the Workforce Development website by 7x


Increase in page viewership


Increase in email sign ups


increase in new visitors


“Contact us” submissions

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